Are you interested in one of our Chevy trucks, or has one of our pre-owned models caught your eye? Whether you decide to get a new or previously owned automobile, you’ll need to bring your vehicle in for service regularly to ensure it continues to run the way it’s supposed to.

While you may know that cars need to have their oil changed and tires rotated several times per year, you might not realize that your automobile’s alignment will require the attention of a professional from time to time as well. Even if your car gives no indication that it’s out of alignment, you should still have its suspension alignment inspected every six to 12 months at least.

There are things that may make it necessary for you to have your alignment checked more often. If you hit potholes too quickly or slam into curbs, your alignment may be thrown out of whack. Motorists who drive on poorly maintained roads daily may experience problems with their automobile’s alignment more frequently as well.

A car may provide clues when its alignment is off and needs immediate attention. Your vehicle may pull to the left or right or you may have to turn the steering wheel a bit to travel in a straight line. If you notice uneven wear patterns on your tires or you have to replace your tires way ahead of schedule, it could also be a sign that your vehicle is misaligned.

Whether your car is due for an alignment check or it’s exhibiting warning signs, you can always bring your vehicle into our Chevrolet service center near Ocean Township, NJ. For more information about alignment checks or service, contact Lester Glenn Chevrolet of Freehold.