In a recent blog post, we explained when it’s a good idea to have your car’s transmission fluid replaced. As you probably know, that’s not the only fluid you’ll need to replace over the course of your automobile’s life. For example, you’ll have to get new oil at our Chevy service center much more often, and in many cases, you’ll also have to replace your power steering fluid from time to time as well.

Power Steering Basics

Vehicles like the Chevy Malibu are so easy to steer because they have a power steering system. When it works properly, this system eliminates the physical strain that you may have to put forth to operate an older automobile. When the system malfunctions or fails, it can be difficult if not impossible to steer a car with anything less than a Herculean effort.

To keep your power steering system operating the way it’s supposed to, you need to bring your car into our Chevrolet service center near Manalapan, NJ for regular maintenance. It’s typically wise to have our factory-trained technicians inspect the condition of your power steering fluid every time you get your oil changed.

At the bare minimum, you should have your power steering system checked out at least once annually. If your system requires it, you’ll need to replace your power steering fluid every few years or sooner if you accumulate miles. If you notice any indications that your system needs work, like difficulty steering, your power steering needs immediate attention.

For more tips about how to properly care for your power steering system, contact Lester Glenn Chevrolet of Freehold or visit our Chevy dealership at your convenience. We hope to see you soon!